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Eyelid Surgery Revisions


About Eyelid Surgery

For most patients, eyelid surgeries are very successful procedures. However, complications following cosmetic eyelid surgery as well as functional/reconstructive surgery can occur. The eyelids can have a rounded appearance, the eyelids may be asymmetric, the eyes may be uncomfortable.

The eyelids are designed to protect the eye. If the eyelids do not close completely, are not in good contact with the surface of the eye, or if the lower lid is pulled down inferiorly, the health of the eye can become compromised. Patients can experience red eyes, irritation, dry eyes, discharge and tearing.

Oculoplastic Surgeons are specifically trained to manage the intricacies of eyelid surgery complications. If you have experienced a complication from eyelid surgery, Dr. Onofrey is available for consultation.

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